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Senior Discounts 55 Plus

Being a senior citizen these days has its ups, have you ever heard of senior discounts 55+? Just about anyplace you go now offers senior discounts 55+ restaurants, travel companies, clothing stores, vacationing destinations, and much more. Senior discounts 55+ is a great way to keep saving

What’s the Age For Getting a Senior Discount?

The answer to this question has a clearcut upper limit and a slightly more confusing lower limit. Read on for various age cutoffs for senior discounts for a variety of goods and services.  The good news is by age 65, senior discounts will be available for nearly

Papa John’s Pizza 25% off for Seniors 55+

Are you ready for some pizza? Well, if you’re not, you might change your mind once you realize that Papa John’s Pizza has one of the best senior discounts going.  Seniors 55+ can get 25% off their delivery or pickup orders. Here are the steps for receiving