What’s the Age For Getting a Senior Discount?

The answer to this question has a clearcut upper limit and a slightly more confusing lower limit. Read on for various age cutoffs for senior discounts for a variety of goods and services.  The good news is by age 65, senior discounts will be available for nearly every possible purchase offering such a discount for older people.  The mixed news is that between the ages of 50 and 65 you’ll be a bit uncertain as to what discounts are available where.  Read on for a breakdown on key cutoff ages for senior citizen discounts.

Chart for Senior Discount Age Cutoffs

Here at DFSC, we’re developing a chart, heretofore un-compiled on the internet which should help you to make decisions on senior discount age.

Other Resources for Senior Discount Age Guidelines

A recent article from the Tampa Bay Times, while maintaining a Floridian focus, goes a long way toward breaking down how various restaurants, chain stores, and other establishments set senior discount age requirements. Or, you might try any number of book selections It’s also worth checking the new social questioning site, Quora, for more sophisticated outlets like Whole Foods, Film Forum, etc…   Of course, the standard article on senior concessions from About.com is workable as well.