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Senior Friendly Cell Phones and Plans

In the age of the smartphone, usability can be a concern, especially for seniors age 55 and above.  Does this mean that senior citizens need to be relegated to a large print flip phone with minimal functionality?  Of course not! A senior friendly cell phone doesn’t have

Salvation Army Senior Discount – 50% Off Age 55+

The Salvation Army senior discount for seniors 55 years of age and older is not generally well-known or advertised so you’ll have to ask for it specifically at your local thrift store. But it is a great discount — sometimes worth as much as 50% off already amazing prices

El Pollo Loco Senior Discount 60+

The senior discount at El Pollo Loco is good every day of the week and requires only that you can prove an age of 60 or higher. The only catch is that the maximum value of the discount is $1.  Still, that’s nothing to sneeze, well, cluck

Uno Pizzeria & Grill Senior Discounts – 25% Off For Age 55+

One of the better restaurant senior discounts available comes from Uno Pizzeria and Grill’s senior discount for the“Double Nickel Club” … the discount is a whopping 25% off on Wednesday (ages 55+). So if you can plan your meal for mid-week, this fantastic discount will shave a

Claim Jumper 10% Senior Citizens Discount 50+

Did you know the Claim Jumper chain of restaurants offers a 10% discount for senior citizens as recognized through membership in AARP?  Simply display your AARP card, and you’ll receive a ten percent discount off your bill at the popular restaurant. The best thing about this senior

Waffle House 10% Off Every Monday for Seniors 60+

The Waffle House Monday senior discount for seniors 60 years of age and older is not advertised so you’ll have to ask for it. Like most senior discounts, it’s up to the discretion of the service provider to ask for ID or not.  In our experience, 90%

The Best Walkers and Rollaters – Product Reviews and Recommendations

Here at senior tip sheet, we aim to assemble the most useful information for choosing products and services.  Whether you’re a senior yourself or a caregiver, read on to discover in depth product information and reviews for walkers and rollaters.  We’ve got walker product reviews and rollater

Senior Discounts 55 Plus

Being a senior citizen these days has its ups, have you ever heard of senior discounts 55+? Just about anyplace you go now offers senior discounts 55+ restaurants, travel companies, clothing stores, vacationing destinations, and much more. Senior discounts 55+ is a great way to keep saving