Salvation Army Senior Discount – 50% Off Age 55+

The Salvation Army senior discount for seniors 55 years of age and older is not generally well-known or advertised so you’ll have to ask for it specifically at your local thrift store.

But it is a great discount — sometimes worth as much as 50% off already amazing prices that you’ve come to expect from the Salvation Army.  Some of the clothes and goods there are in new or like-new, so the senior discount on the existing discount represents a significant opportunity for seniors to really stretch a budget constrained by a fixed income.  If all the cool teenagers are wearing Salvation Army thrift clothes, then why not Seniors as well?

Again, we stress the importance of the old concept “don’t ask don’t get” you MUST ask for the Salvation Army senior discount at the store in order to have a chance of  receiving.  The worst the clerk can say is “no” in which case you can politely ask to speak with a manager, explain your situation and see if that helps gain you traction in getting the savings you deserve.

We wish you luck in obtaining this excellent perk for seniors. And also good luck in hunting among the Salvation Army treasures. You never know what you might find.  Whether a good suit or a complete dishware set, you need to be opportunistic in your shopping.  Need to find a Salvation Army facility near you? You can use their location finder, which has decent utility but is more geared to drop offs as opposed to pickups.

Problems with obtaining the Salvation Army Senior Discount? Let us know – we will make a note and add to our investigative file of Senior Discounts across the country.  We are constantly updating information in Senior Discounts and will be coming out this year with an expanded and useful printable guides to the best deals for older Americans in the country.