Senior Friendly Cell Phones and Plans

In the age of the smartphone, usability can be a concern, especially for seniors age 55 and above.  Does this mean that senior citizens need to be relegated to a large print flip phone with minimal functionality?  Of course not! A senior friendly cell phone doesn’t have to be “dumb.” Unless it’s a conscious lifestyle choice to filter out all the mindless distraction the a smartphone brings with it, in which case we would applaud the wisdom and self-restraint of such an elder that would choose to narrow his or her entertainment options in the service of more mindful and quality time with friends and family.

For the rest of us, there are a variety of tips and tricks for for finding the best smartphones for seniors and also choosing the best cell phone plan for a fixed income or someone living on a reduced budget thanks to retirement.  Oftentimes, the service plan and the phone can work hand in had to both save money on monthly fees and bring a new level of sophistication and reliability to a senior’s mobile phone plan.

As you might expect, the most senior friendly cell phone currently on the market is the iPhone.  Obviously, the later, larger models are going to be easier on the eyes and the finger coordination for older users, but Apple’s excellent design ethos and process correlates with excellent usability for consumers of any age.

As far as cell phone plans, take a look at discount resellers like Ting, The People’s Operator, or Republic Wireless.  These carriers make use of the big carrier’s infrastructure and merely resell use at a fraction of the cost thanks to zero advertising budgets and extremely low overhead.

If you get nothing out of this post, you are going to love this link.  Check out Daley’s Frugal Communications Guide.  Seriously, it is a treasure trove of detailed, actionable information on reducing your costs for all manner of communications fees, hardware and software.

In the meantime, watch this space for upcoming product reviews on specific senior friendly cell phones and also the most affordable, low-cost senior cell phone plans and service agreements.